Stopping the Stupid

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What’s worse than being stupid?

So, this is funny.  What’s worse than being stupid?  I mean, stupidity is really just a form of not paying attention, checking out, having what I call, a mind fart….right?  We’ve all been there, or we wouldn’t have sayings like, “Having a blond moment” or, “Having a senior moment” after doing something stupid.  How many times have we walked into a room to get something, only to forget what we went into the room to get, but on really bad days, NEVER remembering why you went into the room and doing something else entirely.  So, what’s worse than that?  NOT BEING STUPID!!  What, you say?  How many times have you run into people as you go about your day, who AREN’T being stupid, but are just being rude?  These are the people who don’t accidentally walk into the bathroom and ask if there is a line, these are the people who don’t care that there’s a line and butt in front of you.  That’s not stupid, that’s rude.  I believe this attitude is deeply seeded in a feeling of entitlement.  “Why should I wait in line to use the restroom, I’ve had a hard day”, without so much as a cursory thought of how anybody elses day has been.  These are the people that try to walk over you instead of saying excuse me in a crowded place.  These are the people that are on an elevator before you and try as hard as they can to push the floor number a million times so that the doors close before you get there.  These are the people that cut you off in traffic to enable themselves a shorter commute, because dog gone it, they’re late.  These people are RUDE!!  Maybe I should start talking about rude people as much as stupid people, because I’ll take a stupid person over a rude person anyday of the week…and twice on Sunday’s.